Welcome to your community of students, teachers, and spaces who believe in making mindful movement and meditation inclusive and welcoming for everyone!

What's it like to attend a Good Elephant class?

Good Elephant offers a variety of types of yoga, meditation, and tai chi classes - everything from Yoga Nidra (a sleep-type meditation) to Vinyasa Flow (strengthening and stretching movement with breath).  When you arrive, you'll be greeted by your Good Elephant teacher, meet and chat with other attendees, and find your spot in the room.  You'll then be guided through the class by your teacher.  If it's a movement class, the teacher will provide variations on movements to accommodate a variety of skill levels.  During class, if you're not sure about something, please don't hesitate to ask!  Classes usually close with some type of meditation, and don't be surprised if you're asked to "OOOOMMM" with the group.  At the end, the teacher might say, "Namaste", which means "The light within me sees and honors the light within you".  When Good Elephant classes are over, our attendees usually hang around for a few minutes and get to know each other.  This is a great opportunity to meet new people in the area and get suggestions for fun things to do.  Be sure to catch as many hugs as you can on your way out! :)



We understand that, in America today, yoga classes can be intimidating. So, we're cultivating supportive communities of students, spaces, and certified instructors in our cities so that every student feels welcome in our classes.

Because each person resonates with different teachers and different types of learning, we offer a wide variety of classes to choose from.  Explore everything from Restorative Yoga and T'ai Chi, to Beer Yoga and Live Sound Meditations.

We also know that class pricing today can be out of most students' price range. That's why every community class in a Good Elephant host space is pay-what-you-can.


Finally, we're keeping things joyful and supporting our communities by holding our classes in creative local spaces like coffee shops, art galleries, and community centers.




Today, there are more teachers, leaders, and healers in training than ever before.


Our platform gives this growing wave of teachers the resources they need to create unique classes without limits. We help teachers discover their power to share their deep personal knowledge, and help them learn how to reach the people that can benefit most from their unique offerings.


We're cultivating a mindful network of collaboration in our cities, by connecting teachers with creative, unused spaces that want to host classes. And because we don't take a percentage, Good Elephant teachers keep all the revenue from their classes.




We love our local spaces because they provide a place for the magic of mindfulness to spark. That's why we highlight and promote them as businesses and organizations that support mindfulness in their communities.

We understand that space owners are busy, so we make the process of hosting classes as easy as pie.  We'll handle class promotion and communication with teachers, so you can focus on the important things.


We partner with organizations of all types, from non-profits to coffee shops, community centers, art galleries, local events and city projects, bringing positive people and energy into new places.

Many spaces sit dormant when they're closed. Our platform allows you to utilize your unused space and get exposure to new customers or potential members, at no cost to you.



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